Sports & Experience

As the Sporthotel, we naturally want to live up to our name. But if you now think of sports as exertion, hours of climbing and marathon-like jogging tours, we can put your mind at rest. We offer exercise, experiences and intensive sports for all levels. This includes tennis beginner courses, easy Nordic walking tours or classic hiking tours. If you would like to go a little faster, we are happy to support you on a mountain biking tour to the Brocken or jogging around Schulenberg.


As the Sporthotel, we take it for granted that we create an environment in which you will find optimal conditions for your daily sports and exercise sessions. Therefore, we offer you suitable equipment at the same time. For catering on the way we tie up lunch packages or for regeneration in the hotel we offer "sportsman-suitable" nutrition.


As a partner for mountain bike rental we recommend the Harzagentur.


On the subpages you will now find some details about different sport possibilities. At the moment we are in the process of expanding our offer and adding modern forms such as yoga, meditation or weight training. Please feel free to contact us for this when booking.


And if you now feel under pressure - don't worry. With us nobody is forced to do sports ;-). But if sports and exercise should be one of your main concerns during your holiday - we offer everything you need.

Mountain bike on the top

Explore the beautiful Harz Mountains 3 days by mountain bike

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3 days - mountain bike weekend | Sporthotel Schulenberg
Mountain bike on the top

6 days time to get to know the Harz mountains with the mountain bike to the fullest.

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Mountain Bike-mid-week-trip, six days

from 959 EUR per stay | 5 Nights