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Aerial view Schulenberg

Spare time & culture

Time and again our guests praise the central location of the Sporthotel. For excursions in all directions, the hotel in the heart of the Harz Mountains is just right.
Within a short time you can reach Goslar, Osterode, Torfhaus or Braunlage.

Here we have presented the most important excursion destinations and our corresponding partners. 

Okersee Schiffahrt

Boat trip on the Okersee with the MS AquaMarin. The Okersee GmbH is the "little sister" of the Sporthotel Schulenberg. For years, we have been rushing through dense mountain forests, rocky gorges, mysterious caves and imposing natural scenery across the Okersee. 


Let our friendly stewardesses accompany you through the Harz Mountains and experience a relaxed and amazing journey.


PS: By the way, you can also book our MS AquaMarin for celebrations, weddings or company events.

Okersee Schiffahrt GmbH
Anleger Weisswasserbrücke  |  38707 Schulenberg

Phone: +49 5329 811
Fax: +49 5329 690005

Ski-Alpinum Schulenberg

Top prepared runways provide the whole family with an optimum of driving fun. The runways become snow- covered with snowy cannons and are prepared with help of snow caterpillars. All degrees of difficulties on ski and snowboard runways for beginners and professionals.

Ski-Alpinum Schulenberg
38707 Schulenberg

Phone: +49 5329 282

Herbal park Altenau

Relax with exotic and odoriferous smells which will enchant your senses and admire what the nature offers to us people.

Kräuterpark Altenau
Schultal 11 |  38707 Altenau

Phone: +49 5328 911684

Kristalltherme Altenau

Relax in the Thermen and sauna scenery "Heißer Brocken". The picturesque scenery of the Harz stimulates with her healthy remedical climate the oxygen care, stabilizes therewith the circulation, gives you new energy and strength and is in connection with a Thermen and sauna stay an ideal settlement to the strengthening and preservation of your valuable health.

Kristalltherme Altenau
Karl-Reinecke-Weg 35 |  38707 Altenau

Phone: +49 5328 911570

Imperial city Goslar

Always worth a visit. The more than 1000 years old imperial city Goslar offers to the visitor many cultural places of interest and a nice pedestrian walking area with small and big shops. The old town counts to the world cultural heritage of the UNESCO.


Kaiserstadt Goslar
38640 Goslar


World cultural heritage Rummelsberg

Thousand years of mining and living in Rummelsberg: In the tours about and under meets the world cultural heritage Schulenberg provides unusual insights into the work of the people in the Northern Harz. The controlled tours take place in different areas and turn a wide audience.


Weltkulturerbe Rammelsberg
Bergtal 19 |  38640 Goslar

Phone: +49 5321 750-0
Fax: +49 5321 750-130

Harzer Schmalspubahnen

The journey with a Harzer Schmalspurbahn is a real experience, additionally you have the impressive scenery of the Harzer mountain landscape and the incredibly mountain – the Brocken. Drive with the nostalgic old steam train of Wernigerode to the Brocken or once through the Harz to Nordhausen. Or drive through the charming Selketal.


Harzer Schmalspurbahnen
Friedrichstraße 151 |  38855 Wernigerode

Phone: +49 3943 558-0
Fax: +49 3942 558-112

Biker´s club Okerterrasse

Starting point or goal of wanderings and tours. The Okerterrasse is known as a national biker’s club, because here you will find enough parking lots and beside tasty food and drinks there is also offered a dreamlike view in the Okertal and at the Okersee.


Lying directly by the head jam wall of the wonderful Okersee, the restaurant and café Okerterrasse offers a fantastic look in the nature. It is also a perfect

Bikertreff Okerterrasse
38707 Schulenberg

Phone: +49 5329 252
Fax: +49 5329 690021

Harz Narrow Gauge Railways

The ride on the Harz narrow-gauge railways is a true experience in itself, and the impressive backdrop of the Harz mountains and the legendary peak - the Brocken - is a further attraction. Take the nostalgic old steam trains from Wernigerode to the Brocken and once through the Harz mountains to Nordhausen. Or through the enchanting Selketal.

Goslarer Bimmelbahn
Dörntener Str. 8 |  38644 Goslar

Phone: +49 5321-686465
Fax: +49 5321-683495

Volksbank-Arena Harz

The Volksbank-Arena Harz encloses a very well labeled bicycle routes- net with 62 routes, 1800 km of distance and 50.000 high- meters. Locations for the mountain bike routes are in:

Altenau, Bad Grund,Bad Harzburg,Bad Lauterberg, Bad Sachsa, Braunlage, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Goslar,

Hahnenklee, Herzberg, Hohegeiß, Ilsenburg, Lautenthal, Osterode, Schierke, Schulenberg, Seesen, St. Andreasberg, Walkenried, Wildemann and Wolfshagen

Volksbank Arena Harz
Bergstr. 31 |  38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld

Phone: +49 5323 982461

Harzer highlights

You want to experience even more highlights in the Harz? Then we recommend you a visit of the Harzer highlight website. Here you receive great holiday trips for your stay with us in the Harz.

Harzer Highlights


Other excursion destinations in the surroundings

  • Hochharz National Park (12 km)
  • Harz National Park (10 km)
  • Medieval town of Goslar (former imperial and free imperial town with imperial palace) (12 km)
  • Fairytale forest in the Teufelstal (Bad Grund/20 km)
  • Moorland spa (the only one in Europe) (Bad Grund/20 km)
  • Indoor wave pool with lots of swimming fun (Bad Lauterberg/18 km)
  • 7 cross-country skiing areas (St. Andreasberg/20 km)
  • Several ski lifts with 2 double chair lifts Summer toboggan run (St. Andreasberg/20 km)
  • Ski trails and downhill runs (St. Andreasberg/20 km)
  • Hot spring "Heißer Brocken" (Altenau/7 km)
  • Burgbergseilbahn (Bad Harzburg/13 km)
  • Fairytale forest (Bad Harzburg/13 km)
  • Radau waterfall (Bad Harzburg/13 km)
  • Brine thermal spring (Bad Harzburg/13 km)
  • Wurmberg cable car with ski runs and toboggan run (Braunlage/22 km)
  • Ice stadium (brown location/22 km)
  • Natural ice rink in the spa gardens (Hahnenklee/14 km)
  • Bocksberg cable car with ski runs and toboggan run (Hahnenklee/14 km)
  • Sösestausee in the upper Sösetal (Osterode/32 km)
  • Game park with Harz game (Wernigerode 40 km)
  • Departure of the steam locomotives of the Harz narrow-gauge railway to the Brocken (Schierke/35 km)
  • Large family and leisure pool (Bad Sachsa/35 km)
  • Visit of the Autostadt Wolfsburg with the brand pavilions (80 km)
  • Pullman City - The living western city (Hasselfelde/35 km)


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