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Mountain-bike vacation in Harz

Whether on own initiative or with controlled tours and courses, mountain- bike friends comes on the marked road net from the peoples bank-arena Harz properly at their expenses. They are recompensed with magnificent views at the summits. Downhill specialists are pretty welcome in the bike alpinum in Schulenberg.

3 days - mountain bike weekend | Sporthotel Schulenberg
3 days - mountain bike weekend | Sporthotel Schulenberg

Downhill, marathon or just a nice bike tour in the Harz Mountains? Here is something for everyone! Whether you want to explore the best trails in the Harz Mountains, or have a good resin ...

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Mountain Bike-mid-week-trip, six days
Mountain Bike-mid-week-trip, six days

ex 307.33 €
Explore the Harz with your bike. 6 days and enough time for the nicest tours. This will warm any biker’s heart. In addition we offer a secure parking space for your bike, packed lunches for relaxation on the way and relaxation in the wellness area after the tour.
Starting from 226 € per person.

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