Spare time and culture in the surroundings

Walking all around Schulenberg



On account of the central position of Schulenberg in the Harz a wide diversified choice of destinations comes up to you. The Oberharz is a paradise for every traveller and stroller with the labelled footpaths, with clearings or thick forest, more precipitously paths, narrow paths or travelling routes.

 (kilometer information including the way off and back)

Travelling purposes in Schulenberg

  • Okersee ship journey, starting from landing place Schulenberg (2 km)
  • Travelling teaching path Riesenbachtal (7 km)
  • Romkerhaller waterfall (8 km)
  • Kästeklippen and view platform (14 km)
  • Skialpinum (8 km)
  • Okertal (16 km)
  • small way around the Okertalsperre (12 km)
  • large way around the Okertalsperre (18 km)
  • Inspection of the locking wall (7 km)
  • Festenburg (10 km)
  • Clausthal-Zellerfeld (20 km)
  • Altenau over the Dietrich´s mountain (18 km)
  • To Schalke (6 km)
  • Hahnenklee (20 km)
View from Schulenberg to the Oker lake

The nearby Oker Valley is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the Harz Mountains. By car the Okertal is only a few minutes away. On foot, the 8 km from Sport Schulenberg to the Oker ...

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